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World Art Drop Day, Drop #3 of 3

"Froots" 6" x 7", ink and Tombow markersDropped outside and to the left of the front doors of the the beautiful old Court House in St. Thomas, ON

I’m really hoping this survived the deluge that came about an hour after I dropped…I was seriously beginning to think I may need to take a crash course on ark building!

World Art Drop Day, Drop #2 of 3

"Trees" 4" x 6" ink and watercolour
Drop made inside a pavilion at Pinafore Park, St. Thomas, ON

Interesting side-note: Two ladies were seated inside the pavilion as I made the drop, and it seemed (not that I was eavesdropping, or anything) as if they were helping one another learn their new smartphone…maybe one of them got curious and took it home? Hope so!

World Art Drop Day, Drop #1 of 3

"Gnomeo" 5"x7" ink and Tombow
Dropped in Port Stanley, Ontario

Hope someone gives him a happy, gnome-y home! Til then, at least he’s got a view of our harbour and is out of our rather unpredictable Southern Ontario weather!

And, so it begins…
All bagged up and ready to go! Leaving the house now to go do my part for World Art Drop Day! Look for posts of hiding places later today!

We can all use a little more Hiney in our lives, right?!

And, don’t forget…today is World Art Drop Day! Read more about it over here at Mr. Jake Parker’s site…I will post my Art Drops later today! Thanks for the inspiration mrjakeparker

Day 3, sketches for pages 5/6…Hiney’s adventure continues! Aren’t you glad I figured out where this is going?

The continuing saga of Hiney…because I promised no more talk about that thing I’ve got going on over at that other website that sells stuff people make with their own two hands.

Did you see what I did there? Clever.

Okay…I promised no more mentions of my Etsy Shop for a bit…so, instead, here’s the first 2 pages from my latest project…these are the rough storyboarded pics and copy in my Moleskine: a story about a dog who’s just like all the other dogs…pfft, not really, but wait, you’ll see what I mean.  :)

On a sidenote…I’m shopping myself around looking for an agent to represent my work…any suggestions or help from you Tumblrs out there would be HUGEly appreciated!

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Monday Morning Sketch Dump

A surprised pigeon and a nonchalant man; a crabapple tree at my last outdoor show and rooftops as seen from a hill here in town